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In a world where conventional arrow quivers are considered unwanted payload, the "Crossfire" Cross Axis Quiver's integrated design, converts arrow and quiver payload into a lightweight, dampening and stabilizing system.
What is PIPS Technology? "perfectly-in-place-system"
The design and what it means to the function and physical dynamics of the long bow The long bow, with a deep fismal design has what we call an (empty) dead area, in the mid Section of the bow, commonly called brace height, this zone has available room for many different accessories used in the past years… over draws range finders and more. “PIPS” development of the arrows crossing behind the main axis of the riser, passing through the dead area of the bow makes a very slim lined low-profile system. This arrows mass weight transferred behind the bow grip works as a highly efficient stabilizer, without adding any extra weight to the existing bow system. Also, utilizing a existing string dampener for the arrow gripper, lightens the weight of the Screamin' Bull cross axis quiver system.